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The Director of Students will oversee the development of and provide direction for all programs and people aimed at the spiritual formation of students in grades 7-12 at Vox Church. Having a vision for the development of youth ministry across all locations of a mutli-site church, it is further the responsibility of the Director of Students (DOS) to actively resource, support and develop leaders at the local campus levels – volunteer and staff -  equipping them to connect with and properly guide students in their faith journey with Christ. A goal of the DOS is also to provide support for parents of teens within the church as they embrace their God-given responsibility to guide their children in the formation of hearts that love and are committed to Jesus. Relatedly, the DOS will work closely with both the Ministries Pastor and the Central VoxKids Director to create and implement a unified vision for the spiritual journey of the whole child grounded in Jesus Christ, birth thru grade 12.

1.    Work with Campus Pastors to identify and equip all youth coordinators at each church location to be able to effectively minister to and disciple students.

2.    Leadership of Central Youth Directional Team – comprised of local youth coordinators from each location -  with the purposes  of cross-campus collaboration. The Central Youth DT also strategizes and provides leadership for the execution of centrally offered events and programs to all campuses. (Fall and winter retreats, worship nights, all campus outreaches, hang-outs, summer camps, etc.)

3.    Implement system for regular regional youth gatherings. (Youth House)

4.    Develop and coordinate Bible teaching content/curriculum to be used for both centrally/regionally offered gatherings (Youth House) AND location specific student discipleship groups.

5.    Resource local youth discipleship groups by coordinating content and equipping group leaders to lead well at each location.

6.    Facilitate centrally/regionally offered parenting equipping initiatives  to support parents of teens as well as provide direction and support for the development of a parent prayer community.
7.    Facilitate the development of  outreach/mission opportunities for students (offered both centrally and locally) across locations.

8.    Ensure the implementation of uniform standards for safe and secure interaction between youth leaders – volunteer and staff – and students at all locations. 

·      Proven passion for ministry within the context of youth culture.
·      Evidence mature application of the Spiritual Disciplines in one’s life.
·      Understand & embody the Vox Church Distinctives and the 7 Golden Habits (see below).
·      Ability to create and manage systems.
·      Vision and passion for the local church of Jesus Christ.
·      Passion for and ability to teach/communicate the truth of God’s Word to teens.
·      Be a team builder and evidence proven ability to lead, vision cast, equip/train and manage other leaders.
·      Coachable/Teachable spirit 
·      Strong work-ethic
·      Entrepreneurial Spirit ; Organized yet flexible

·      4-7 years of experience in youth ministry in some context.
·      Bachelor’s degree in ministry, education or related field preferred.

  1. WE ARE MARRIED TO THE MESSAGE: we don’t teach things that we don’t embody. This means that leaders serve, that transparency is king, and that our private lives reflect the devotion we proclaim. Success is not size, revenue, or influence. Rather, success is closing the gap between the life I’m living and the unlived life within me.
  2. WE ARE CONTENDERS: we believe that God made his Church the agents of his grace on the earth. We pray for salvation, healing, and deliverance and expect a big God to respond to big prayers. The secret things belong to God, but the revealed things are for us to pray for His kingdom upon this earth.
  3. WE ARE PIONEERS: innovation, change and risk are the language of faith. A pioneer takes territory previously considered uninhabitable and realizes its full potential. We are a church that carries a pioneering spirit.
  4. WE ARE STUDENTS OF CULTURE: the trends of fashion, the movement of art, the innovation around us, and the sounds produced all speak the language of our unique era. It is our passion to leverage everything to glorify God and reach people with the good news of Christ.
  5. OUR RELATIONSHIPS BUILD MUSCLE: rather than squirming away from confrontation and difficult conversations we humbly embrace the moment, knowing that honesty, relational investment, and process result in deep trust and sustainable health. We deal with conflict quickly and kill gossip before it breeds.
  6. WE THRIVE IN CULTURAL CENTERS: we go where people gather. We focus on cities because they bring us face to face with more people and more activity. As the world moves into the city, we strategically focus where the impact can be greatest.
  7. WE ENJOY THE RIDE: we won’t take for granted what God is doing in our church. Our leaders are committed to creating life rhythms that sustain us for a lifetime embracing Sabbath, celebration, and rest. We believe in a God of abundance and we develop life patterns built on grace.

  1. Daily Time with God – We ask that all of our staff are spending at least 1 hour with God daily, 6 days per week.
  2. Sharing your Faith – As a staff, we as individuals should regularly going out of our way to intentionally share Christ with non-believers.
  3. Following the Holy Spirit – As a practice, we believe that God is still doing the miraculous, and will seek Him to that end; believing for supernatural healing and hearing from the Holy Spirit for His leading in our lives.
  4. Sexual Purity – As a standard, we maintain a lifestyle that is free from sexual sin.
  5. Financial Stewardship – We are a generous people, and freely give to the local church as a priority. We do so based on a percentage of our income, as God leads us. We look to increase this giving progressively each year.
  6. Healthy Rhythms – We ask that, in keeping with a healthy lifestyle, all of our staff observe a weekly sabbath.
  7. Making Disciples – As a practice, we are constantly looking to reproduce ourselves in others.

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