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Greater Bridgeport Campus Pastor




Full Time

Vox Church is seeking a Campus Pastor to lead our Greater Bridgeport campus.  

The role of a Campus Pastor is generally broken into the following 8 categories: 

  • Sunday Morning Experience
    • The Campus Pastor is responsible for the overall Sunday morning experience at his campus. This includes all aspects of Sunday morning [Kids Ministry, Production, Worship, Servant Teams and the worship service].
  • Discipleship
    • The Campus Pastor will lead the campus discipleship efforts to move the church community through the discipleship pipeline.
  • Lead the Campus Directional Team 
    • Each campus has a team comprised of the leaders of the following 6 teams: Kids, Community Groups, Servant Team, Production, Outreach and Worship. The Campus Pastor recruits, trains and leads this team weekly.
  • Pastoral Care
    • The Campus Pastor is responsible for meeting the pastoral care needs of the congregation. This includes things like hospital visits, weddings, funerals, etc.
  • Leadership Development
    • This role is tasked with finding, developing, and training leaders who can be given significant roles and responsibilities.
  • City Strategy
    • Developing a relationship with the city is a crucial part of the Campus Pastor’s role. This includes relationships with government officials, other churches, and local outreach partners. The Campus Pastor is responsible for creating a cohesive outreach strategy that meets the needs of the city.
  • Preaching & Teaching
    • Campus Pastors preach on Sunday mornings an average of 2-4 times per year. Additionally, there are teaching needs within the church for things like training sessions, retreats, etc.
  • Strategic Campus Advancement
    • The Campus Pastor is responsible for generating and implementing strategy regarding hiring, locations and budget allocations.
  • A vibrant, growing relationship with Jesus
  • Live and be advancing in the 7 Golden Habits (see below)
  • Understand & embody the Vox Church Distinctives (see below)
  • Skilled at recruiting and networking
  • Able to lead and manage staff
  • Coachable, teachable and flexible spirit
  • Strong work-ethic
  • Leads family well & a healthy home life
  • 5+ years of pastoral ministry experience
  • Theological Education (preferred) 
Please attach a cover letter, resume, and link to a video of yourself serving in a ministry capacity.

  1. WE ARE MARRIED TO THE MESSAGE: We don’t teach things that we don’t embody. This means that leaders serve, that transparency is king, and that our private lives reflect the devotion we proclaim. Success is not size, revenue, or influence. Rather, success is closing the gap between the life I’m living and the unlived life within me.
  2. WE ARE CONTENDERS: We believe that God made his Church the agents of his grace on the earth. We pray for salvation, healing, and deliverance and expect a big God to respond to big prayers. The secret things belong to God, but the revealed things are for us to pray for His kingdom upon this earth.
  3. WE ARE PIONEERS: Innovation, change and risk are the language of faith. A pioneer takes territory previously considered uninhabitable and realizes its full potential. We are a church that carries a pioneering spirit.
  4. WE ARE STUDENTS OF CULTURE: The trends of fashion, the movement of art, the innovation around us, and the sounds produced all speak the language of our unique era. It is our passion to leverage everything to glorify God and reach people with the good news of Christ.
  5. OUR RELATIONSHIPS BUILD MUSCLE: Rather than squirming away from confrontation and difficult conversations we humbly embrace the moment, knowing that honesty, relational investment, and process result in deep trust and sustainable health. We deal with conflict quickly and kill gossip before it breeds.
  6. WE THRIVE IN CULTURAL CENTERS: We go where people gather. We focus on cities because they bring us face to face with more people and more activity. As the world moves into the city, we strategically focus where the impact can be greatest.
  7. WE ENJOY THE RIDE: We won’t take for granted what God is doing in our church. Our leaders are committed to creating life rhythms that sustain us for a lifetime embracing Sabbath, celebration, and rest. We believe in a God of abundance and we develop life patterns built on grace.

Company Website: www.voxchurch.org

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